This is not the TED chair

The “TED” version of the VIVA chair, created by StudioXiomaraCortes, is inspired by the work “Ceci n’est pas un Pipe” by Belgian painter René Magritte.

This surrealist and modern painter, besides creating controversy, formulated in his works that the observer opens their senses to reflect on what is seen and heard, to think critically about the funny and banal aspects of life, as well as to be innovative in proposals that go beyond traditional ways.

These concepts, which are those of TED, also inspired me to shape the idea of presenting my own product in the context of innovation, since text in furniture is something not commonly seen, so why not do it?

The play on words and the visual impact make the TED chair, which is NOT THE TED CHAIR, a Ted chair for the people who observe it.

On a personal level, Magritte has been a reference for art, thought, and the way of understanding and facing life. So, in a way, creating this idea is the ideal opportunity to pay tribute to him.