The geometry and architecture are closely intertwined as there is an innate coherence between design and proportion.

One of the reasons why some people have a facility for decoration is their ability to use geometry in environments.

Geometric motifs and symbols are mesmerizing, capable of capturing the attention of any viewer, both in wall and floor decorations and in textiles.

Although it may seem contradictory, geometric severity and its rationale provide very important aesthetic sensations such as joy, rhythm, harmony, and dynamism in decoration and furniture design.

My design is characterized by geometry, and knowing how to apply it to what I love most is one of my favorite creative processes.

Thus, we can find among others, furniture with polyhedral shapes, floors with 3D texture effects, wall coverings with different shapes and reliefs, fabrics with contrasting colors and angular designs, wallpaper painted in diamond, line, or circle shapes that create unique patterns and embrace our playful childlike side.